New faces of web log

The secretariat of the third women's festival of web log performs:

(the introductions of the new faces of web log )

I beg to inform all of the honorable writers of weblog that the secretariat of the third women's festival of weblog , this year in the new part introduces the new faces of weblog.

The qualifications of participating in this part are as follows:

The weblogs that in during the two past years , It means ,  from February 2009 in the Persian blog begun their activities and set 100 posts in thir weblog .

The chars characteristics of weblog for participating in this part that will be neared by the jury are as follows :

1-    The proper appearances ( model of weblog)

2-    Writing of weblog ( without any spelling mistake)

3-    Regular updating of weblog

4-    Content of weblog ( can not be copied and pasted)

5-    Ranking of weblog in Google

6-    Number of visiting of weblog

7-    Loading speed of weblog

8-    Visiting method of reader

You must send your weblog address together with name and surname.

-          active email

-          phone number ( if you are interested)

To the email of this competition: admin @ weblog festival, com with the top of this email : the new faces of weblog


  • deadline of sending works

Beginning: 22 February 2011

Ending: I march 2001

With thanks

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