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the word of my weblog by: مریم...............

The world of my weblog

This secretariat of the third superior women's festival of weblog performs:

(The word of my weblog in 100 words)

I beg to inform all the women's writers of weblog that the secretariat of the third super or women's festival of weblog has tried to perform a specific section for this ceremony.

In this section you must describe your worlds of weblog only in 100 words.

Qualifications of competition:

For participating in this competition you must palace a post in your weblog and describe the word of your weblog writing only in 100 words in any ways that you are interested.

After that, you must send your favorites text link together with:

-          name and surname

-          Active email

-          Phone number ( if you are interested)

To the email of competition: admin @ weblog festival .com

With this topic of email: the world my weblog

The deadline of sending words

-          The beginning of competition : 12 February 2011

-          The ending of competition : 21 February 2011

-          The judgments of competition from 21 February 2011 to 26 February 2011

With thanks

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